• GDPR Compliance OpenCart 3 DEMO

We are excited to announce that new module GDPR Compliance to make your GDPR preparations easier with OpenCart 3.

"The EU’s new data privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation, goes into effect on May 25, 2018 and applies not only to EU-based organizations, but also to anyone who has customers or contacts in the EU"

The GDPR Compliance module lets you create unlimited terms which customer must agree on, in the checkout. 

Your customers can see all store's regulation on one page. Regulations are not the only thing that you can see over there, customers can see who is the data's administrator and they get easy access to the data removal request form. All the information has modern design and a printing option.

Customers have easy access to the data removal request form. Your customers can fill up the form and then received confirmation on their e-mail.

You will be able to remove all customer's data even if your customer placed an order without creating an account in the store.

You can check how does it work in the checkout process and here as well

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GDPR Compliance OpenCart 3 DEMO

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